Writing Philosophy

I don’t believe in rules or guidelines when writing. For me, writing is breathing. It is a furious, desperate need. It is natural and beautiful, and if I am suffering or near death if I cannot do it. Sometimes I write every day for an hour. Sometimes I write a few times a week for four hours. It varies.

When I write I am not thinking, I am feeling. I am also incredibly neurotic when I write. I pace, talk to myself, have interviews with myself or characters aloud. And that’s the small the stuff. For this reason, I like to be alone whenever I write. Not alone in the room, but like ALONE. No one home.

I don’t usually have a plan. Usually, I have a scene or character or line that I form something around. Other times I don’t know what I’m doing until my frenzied writing session reveals it to me. But I don’t believe in writer’s block. That’s just another name for fear. I’ve actually given lectures about writing through fear and how fear can affect one’s writing and process.

The thing I struggle with the most is commitment. I have more ideas than I could write down in three lifetimes. So what do I write about now? Whatever speaks to me, whatever I’m compelled to.

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