Gender? Whatever.

I believe gender is a limiting and harmful societal construct. So, I don’t play by those rules! (Have you not figured out, I hate rules?) In person, many people think I’m a woman. Because I use my legal name online when it comes to social media, many assume I’m a man. I’m not both, I prefer to think of myself as neither. I’m just me. I don’t care about labels (gender nonconforming, genderfluid, bi-gendered, genderqueer – seriously I find it funny there are so many labels when really, I don’t want to be boxed into anything) or pronouns (just don’t call me “it” and we’ll be good).

I embrace the feminine and masculine, but I don’t even see them as feminine or masculine. They’re just parts of me. And I’m secure in who I am.

I am all for personal empowerment. For everyone to be who they are, how they are and express themselves how they want without thinking in terms of masculine versus feminine. Flip a metaphorical bird at traditional gender roles and just be yourself!