What I Write

Most of my work, both fiction and creative nonfiction touch on gender roles, LGBT issues/rights, deafness, medical experiences, the body, healing, disability issues/rights, advocacy, abuse, and other trauma.

For the longest time, I focused on fiction because it was “safer” even though the majority of my fiction was actually nonfiction barely masked but called “fiction.” I shifted my focus to creative nonfiction in 2011. Since then I started a personal blog and committed to learning the craft of memoir and personal essays. After a fallout with my “monster memoir” about my autoimmune disease, death and rebirth I decided to start smaller – with shorter pieces.

I love writing personal essays, but I haven’t given up on long-form works. I have a few full-length manuscripts “in-progress.” (A few??? Yeah, yeah, I know. Not ideal, but I’m a slave to the muse.)